Woodwind Quintet: Combining Different Pieces

Over the past 8 years (2015-2023), I've been developing a style of composition that was meant for strings. However, I've yet to engage with string musicians to a certain extend to where I would feel comfortable writing for them. In leu of that, I've decided to transfer most of the compositions and short pieces to a woodwind quartet setting. 

For the full theory, visit my researchgate linked below:

Cartesian Mapping of Chords and Scales

For information on how to apply this theory to music composition, see the book linked below:

Cartesian Mapping Book

The first thing I had to do was transfer select pieces from my composition notebook (handwritten) to a notation software. Surprisingly, this didn't take long at all since I've been working with computers since 2015 for the motion capture analysis of snare drumming technique (link). The next issue to tackle is the arranging of written parts over the course of 8 years to one cohesive woodwind quartet opus. Similarly to my EP for guitar, 

the culmination of the piece would be about 10 years of work in one 15-25 minute product. 

My proposed ordering for the pieces are not in order from the date that they were created, but by the manner in which the pieces interact with each other. Like the motion capture research, there is an amount of analysis that is needed for each part of the piece; and each piece separately, and the piece as a whole. 

Ordering (Draft): Title of piece: Woodwind Quintet (2023)

2. Square Root of 2 

3. Moving Out of the City 

4. String quartet #2 

5. String quartet #3 

6. Short pieces for Woodwind Quartet

While the proposed ordering is a draft, this is where I think everything should go in arrangement. Thankfully, I have a collection of theory exercises written out on paper that can be transposed to any key or mode. With that said, I should be able to connect all the pieces throughout the arrangement.